As I mention in my profile- this is my attempt to document and keep track of my progress toward a variety of goals in my life. I wanted to maintain some data and information on how I have been improving and how I have felt during the process. When I say improving it could be toward a number of goals, including but not limited to:

  • Weightlifting
  • Golf
  • Performance at work
  • crap I really don’t have any more goals

If I can update this daily I should have a good amount of information to fall back on. For example if I am really hungover then maybe I can check this and see that I updated the night before with a post that said: “JAGER BOMMMMB POWER SHOTS FTW!!!!!!!111” and hopefully I will understand that my decisions have consequences.

On that note let’s get to what I want to talk about.

Worked out today.

  • Squats: 225×3, x5, x4, x3
  • Bench press: 185×5,x5,x5
  • Rows: 160×5,x5,x5
  • Dips 3×5
  • Pullups 5,5,6

I had a goal set that I would be able to squat 270 by December 31st 2011. I actually did that a long time ago and eventually got up to work sets at 285 however I got sick and then talked myself out of going to the gym for like 2 weeks. I got weaker. Right now my focus is improving form. 225 was hard today. Its driving me crazy because that used to be a warmup weight for me. All other excersizes were fine. Bench felt strong.

After the workout I went to subway and was stuck behind 4 kids in line without parental guidance. KIDS ARE NEVER AS PRECOCIOUS AS THEY ARE IN MOVIES. One kid was terrified to order and kept demanding his friends cut in line. He panicked when he finally had to order and ended up settling for a BLT. He also asked for honey mustard and ranch on it. AMATEUR. He will learn. Also they all had blackberries.

This is a terrible first post. it’s fine.

NEW GOAL: find a voice, find an audience.

Ending on a negative note that will hopefully motivate me: Whenever you think you are strong, just realize that there is a woman out there that is warming up with the same weight as your max. HAVE FUN!