The plan for today is to do some pull ups and then head downtown for the “Snow Day” dc bar crawl. Its a winter holiday theme bar crawl in Dupont where everyone dresses up in christmas/winter clothing. I went to JC Penneys and found a novelty sweater. Its green and has a skier on the front. Its the kind of sweater that would even look cheesy in a ski lodge. BUT THAT WONT STOP ME FROM ENJOYING IT. Half the time I do events like this I can’t tell if I’m being ironic or genuine. Its like the hipster mentality. They don’t even know if they are sincere anymore. If I have a feeling by the end of this bar crawl I will delude myself into believing that I actually really love this sweater.

About last night. Went to U street with some friends and drank some but didn’t go over board. I was with 2 girlfriends of mine. A guy came up to us and didnt’t hit on them- instead he told me his girlfriend was interested in me. So I went over and flirted with her. By the end of the night I asked for her number but I had forgotten her name and tried to pull the old hand her the phone so she puts her own number in. She did NOT fall for this.

Went home and did dishes drunk. Woke up proud of myself.

I’m already regretting the plan to try to post something new everyday and will probably cheat by taking screen shots of text messages from my friends and posting them. This is the modern day equivalent of copy and pasting what your friends would say on AOL instant messenger and add it to your profile or away message. I am nostalgic for AIM.

Goal for the day: spread the holiday cheer. Happy holidays!