I skyped with a friend doing Peace Corps in Mali, Africa yesterday. We were video chatting for about 30 minutes which I would never do just over the phone. But with video it feels more like you’re just kicking it. And its not a ping pong conversation of back and forth saying stuff. Well eventually the call ended because my friend accidentally set his couch on fire. This is par for the course for him but it was doubly funny seeing it over skype and separated by an ocean.
Internets, Y’all.
Multiple people at the gym were doing squats today. Three people including myself! Both of them were lifting heavier weights too! Love it. I love when I see people using the squat racks for squats. And I especially like it when they are doing heavy, full range of motion squats. You might be wondering what else could someone use a squat rack for other than squats. Well apparently you are unfamiliar with curls in the squat rack.
People come up with a lot of non-squat excersizes for the squat rack despite the fact that these can be done almost anywhere else in the gym (whereas back squats can only be done in a squat rack).
  • Squats: 230×5,x5,x5
  • Overhead Press: 140×5,x4,x4 (power cleaned bar into position)
  • Push Press: 175×2,x2,x1 (power cleaned bar into position) PR!
  • Power cleans: 140×3,x3

Going to do some pushups and pullups later tonight. Would have done them at the gym but it was getting crowded and I have a pullup bar and a floor at home (helpful tip: FLOORS ARE PERFECT FOR PUSHUPS!).

When I post these training logs keep in mind that I am basically following the Starting Strength Linear Progression. It is a program designed by Mark Rippetoe that features the basic complex barbell excersizes such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and overhead press. I added power cleans and rows as well as body weight excersizes like pushups, dips, pullups and occasionally I do curls (BEACH MUSCLES, BABY!).

The idea behind a linear progression program such as this is to warm up and build up to your workout weight in any given lift and then do 3 sets at that weight. You increase the weight by 5 pounds every workout that you do it. Its ideally a 3 day a week program. Squats every workout. Deadlifts once a week. The presses are alternated. Its not really rocket science. Normally monday is a deadlift day for me but I wanted to move it to the end of the week because I felt like it was interfering with my recovery before workouts later.

Everything felt real strong today. But I did miss a couple reps in the presses because the bar went to far forward.

Goals moving forward:

  1. I want to be able to lift my body weight over my head. This will require cleaning and push pressing 200lbs
  2. I want to be able to squat 1.5x my body weight (1.5x 2o0=300)
  3. I want to be able to deadlift 2x my body weight (2×200=400)

I’m not far on the push press goal (175 today) and I’m not far on deadlift (did 365 twice last week).

Stay busy. Happy holidays.