I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of this blog and how I want it to develop. When I look at the most successful blogs on the internet they either have a central theme that is unique or fits into a niche of blogs or they are non-focused but lead by popular writers.

This is neither. Obvi.

But that does not discourage me. I want this to be free flowing. I want this to cover important life events. I want this to cover insights into the world around us. I want this to address the readerships questions, comments, and concerns.

But if I score any hits I will sell out as quickly as possible.

And if this blog devolves into Gossip Girl fan fiction then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

/google searches to see if Gossip Girl fan fiction is a real thing…

985,000 hits? Well I guess I didn’t corner that market. Moving on…

For now, though, we will stick with the potpourri of lifting stories, weak economic analyses of popular movies, the fun of bar crawls, answering reader mail, and other FANTASTIC elements of the human existence. (but when I come up with a focused theme for a blog then I’ll probably create a new site for it. BRANDING).

Reader Jessie says (on my facebook fan page… I mean, facebook page)

Love Actually has a wedding, a lot at stake, multiple perspectives and big names.

This is true. Ad I love love, actually. I didn’t check the international box office but I hope and assume it actually made a lot of money. I know that it has become a Christmas season movie staple with a number of my friends. Some people dislike it, but then again some people have no souls. Nothing we can do about that.

The thing about Love, Actually- and this is not really a criticism- is that it is candy. There is no nutritional value. I watch it because I enjoy watching these actors charm each other around the holidays. They find each other’s love in these amazing ways. But as one of my friends told me “I can’t watch Love, Actually and then go out to bars and meet losers”. And that’s true. As much as I love the sweetness of it- you can’t live off of a dancing (by himself to pointer sisters) prime minister that is drunk off the love of a subordinate.

But in the pantheon of Christmas movies that are really just set around Christmas time and not actually about the spirit of Christmas I will always go Home Alone > Die Hard > Love, Actually.

Now I have a machine gun, ho, ho, ho.

Merry Christmas!