Have you made your plans yet for New Year’s Eve? If not, then don’t sweat it. Seriously. Just make sure you’re doing anything with a bunch of friends and you will be alright. It is a holiday that generates a lot of irrational stress. The only think you should be stressing about is how quickly you can get your next drink.

Find a party, bar, or event that has the best bartender to guest ratio as possible. Have a ‘no worries’ attitude about everything else- atleast for one day.

Saw someone in the gym doing a similar workout than me but with the weights I was lifting this time last year. This was encouraging for me because it reminded me of the progress I can make in one year. Hope that guy sticks with it… But really hope that dude doesn’t end up stronger than me.

Hit all my reps at 240 squat (3X5). This felt easy. Everything else felt hard. Only thought in my head was “knees fucking out”. Amazing how a weight on your back reduces you to one cogent thought. Worked up to a 175×2 pushpress but it was an unfocused effort on the way. Missed several cleans to get the bar in position. You know what looks awesome in a weightroom? Powercleaning before presses. You know what looks lame and not awesome? Missing the rep trying to powerclean the bar before a press. That wasn’t even my planned exercise.

Reader Jessie comments

I need some help with my resolutions….any ideas?

You could think about what it is you wanted to be doing nowadays back when you were 18 or 23 or 28. An example is if you wanted to go recreational travelling but always kind of put it off. You could make a resolution to seek out a frugal travel plan and visit places you always wanted to go. Or you could find a way to save money consistently over time and then spend your saved time off and money on some travelling.

For a boring resolution, however… Find out what might be valuable to do and make a resolution to include more of it your life. Could be improving your health through your diet. Could be by spending more time reading and less time with television. I guess you could go the other way around- there’s LOTS of good television. “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan”

I’ve been meaning to do some commentary and analysis on some tv stuff (possibly using economics). Hopefully, I get to some of these ideas in the short-run (In the long run we are all dead.)

Why did this post feel like a helpful tips column?


look closer.


There’s a long tobacco pipe fastened on top of his hat. Well done, sir.