Reader Jason Bourne Says

This is a pile of shit.

Agreed. Cool name, bro.

I have a couple new twitter followers. Not sure why. Most are robots or have some sort of affiliation with one word in a tweet I made. It’s sort of odd when I make one comment about the Heisman Trophy and @HeismanNews begins following me. I’m not going to talk about the Heisman trophy year round. But MAYBE spur of the moment I might give a shout out to RG 3stacks. I don’t even remember doing that though.

Best new follower is @allennatt (specializes “in everything that can’t be done”). I love when he picks twitter fights with random journalists/columnists/sports people. Or tries to hook up pro female golfers with free yoga passes.

RT@AllenNatt “Sometimes I wish my hilarious text messages went out on twitter.” I wish that too.

I have been using twitter lately a lot more than facebook. It used to be that facebook was used for stalking friends and twitter was used for stalking celebrities.

Now I find that twitter is useful for #humblebragging and facebook is used for lame bragging. Cool suite at the MGM Grand, bud! Are you going to pop bottles at the club later?

/haven’t been to vegas recently enough… nor have I had table service recently. damn it. nothing to brag about on facebook.

Also I can use twitter to publicize thoughts that I know only 5 people will read and just annoy the shit out of any random followers. I am scared that I will frighten the 2 espn personalities that forgot to unfollow me (shout out to @MerrilHoge and @JeremySchaap) #humblebrag.

I still use facebook to look at girls beach vacation photo albums. Not sure why Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t found a way to categorize facebook content into beach photos/AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

Worked out Tuesday night. Squatted 250 3×5. Did powercleans and press. Did NOT feel great after new years weekend and all of the empty food calories and drinks. Only got 1 rep at 175 overhead in push-press. Regressed on that. Did 3×5 power cleans t 135 for some conditioning work. Then I decided to incorporate Romanian dead lifts into my routine.

My hamstrings have never been more sore in my life.

Apparently I have not been engaging them at all (or atleast not the bottom of them) during my regular deadlifts. I basically wrecked my leg muscles for days. Tonight I only did body weight upper body exercises (pushups, pullups, crow into headstand…) I should not have neglected such an important muscle group for so long, clearly.