This post will get zero hits because nobody likes the NBA. Everyone said the same thing these past few months- “Does anyone care about the NBA lockout?” My answer was always “YES!” I do. NBA basketball is so much fun. These are some of the best athletes in the world. And the worst NBA player will typically be able to knock down any shot if he’s left open.

Its not that I think college basketball is pointless and stupid. But its a vastly inferior product. The national championship in 2011 was Butler vs Connecticut. Butler shot 18.8% from the field. UConn shot 34.5%. MANY OF THESE WERE UNCONTESTED SHOTS. It was completely unwatchable.

Back to the NBA… I love the Washington Wizards. And I secretly enjoy that they are 1-9 because I paid $12 for lower level seats that were face value (read: bullshit value) of $80. But what I really loved about their lone win against Toronto was running into one of my personal faves: Gheorghe Muresan.

He was listed at 7’7″ in his playing days but I am convinced he is actually 12 feet tall. The woman sitting in front of us seemed to know everyone associated with the Wizards. Earlier in the game Sam Cassell came up to talk to her. Then at the beginning of the 2nd quarter Gheorgie came by the chat.

I should mention that our seats were the 4th row up next to the Wizards tunnel. And Gheorge was STANDING in the tunnel but was at eye level with us. My friend with me didn’t quite grasp this height perspective until she saw someone else walk by and realized that she is 1 foot away from one of .000000001% tallest men in history.

This isn’t the first time I’ve ran into Gheorgie. He was also on my flight out to LA last year for all-star weekend. He was in coach seat just like me! He got the exit row. Fuck US Airways. Hook Gheorgie up with first class! The dude starred in My Giant, for crissake.

I know one person that commented on a facebook status by saying:

Basketball is OK, I guess. I like when the tall guy gets the ball from the other tall guy and then he tries to drop the ball through a hoop while other tall guys try to prevent him from getting near the hoop and dropping the ball through it. I think it would be cooler is they still used peach baskets.

I responded with:

 Have you seen NBA basketball? It resembles the college game except the players are taller, faster, stronger, and miss less open shots. I enjoy it… Sometimes a shorter player passes the ball and a taller player catches it in the air while simultaneously preparing to put it through the basket. Amazing

Alley-oops are the ish. That shit cray.

I dislike the opinion that one should not enjoy basketball because it is just tall people competing. No shit. And in football the big boys block for the little boy who throws to the skinny fast boy. And in soccer its all skinny boys because you can hardly subsitute and need to run for 90+. And beach volleyball is just tall girls with wedgies. Whatevs. Thats the rules.

Obviously you would not want to watch a bunch of short whiteys playing basketball.

Lifted today. 265 3×5 squats. Ate real good today and felt like superman. Benched 200 3×3. Deadlifted 1 at 350, 1 at 365, 1 at 380. 380 felt no bueno. Did curls, dips, and leg extensions. I felt a lot more confident doing curls immediately after dead lifting 380.

Thievery Corporation tomorrow at 9:30 club. Now party people in the club its time to cut a rug, and throw the deuces in the sky for the shutterbugs.