Sorry for the lapse between posts. I have been busy. A friend visited me this past weekend and I found it difficult to say ‘mind if I ignore you for the next 30 minutes while I write about Leap Year on HBO?’ But it crossed my mind. And the fact that I was thinking about YOU is all that matters.

We went to see Thievery Corporation at 9:30 club and then some ‘hole-in-the-wall’ on U street. Wait. Why did I put that in quotes? It may not have literally been a hole in the wall but the bathroom DID HAVE A GIGANTIC HOLE IN THE WALL. This was probably the only authentically ‘DC’ thing we did all weekend. Saturday we went to Chili’s in Tysons Corner.

Here’s the thing about Chili’s… I like to go to the Crystal City location because a certain bartender works there. However, I can’t bring a girl to that location even if she’s just a friend because the bartender gets extremely angry and will not serve me. My life is essentially a much poorer version of Larry David’s in Curb Your Enthusiasm (0:52 mark).

We had a good run at that location. Sadly, now I have to go to the Tysons Location and cannot use Facebook to check-in for fear of a jealousy backlash. Also, I have a no hitting on bartenders new years resolution that is killing me.

One last thought about Chili’s: if you haven’t heard the Chili’s theme song twice while eating/drinking there, then you haven’t been there that long. We heard I want my baby back, baby back, baby back 3 times and CHECK PLEASE.

So this is a blog about workout logs and thoughts about romantic comedies. And these 3 text messages I had over a couple of days pretty much explains why.




The main take-away I wanted to share was the final debate about whether there is a difference between chick-flicks and rom-coms. Its pretty clear to me that there are a number of ways they can be different or the same. The Notebook with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is a chick-flick. It’s not a comedy. While You Were Sleeping is a chick-flick AND a rom-com. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is a rom-com BUT NOT a chick-flick. You can disagree about that last title but I think the label ‘chick-flick’ should apply to movies based on the gender perspective of the story (ie. which gender is the lead and which gender will the audience relate to mostly).

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past or Crazy Stupid Love have male leads (Matthew McConnaghey and Steve Carrell) and are mostly about their relationship struggles and not those of their female counterparts (Jennifer Gardner and Julianne Moore). I’m so glad we cleared that up. I’ll be using this argument the next time I catch shit for what my Netflix queue looks like.


  1. If you quote Die Hard in a post’s title then you will get a continuous stream of hits
  2. There is surprisingly little overlap between audiences that enjoy reading about lifting weights and audiences that enjoy rom-com analysis
  3. It’s difficult to think of original topics but the easiest way to write a post is to login to wordpress and get it done

About bullet 1- it’s a cheap way to get hits and I did it on accident. Won’t repeat that mistake. I don’t really care about getting traffic from people that google search ‘now i have a machine gun ho ho ho‘.

About bullet 2- I understand your concerns about reading about workout logs. The solution I have is to keep this stuff at the bottom of posts under a workout headline (unless it is the central theme of the post). Hopefully that will let me go into greater detail and (squat) depth of coverage without alienating too many readers.


About bullet 3- just gotta keep at it and hope none of this comes back to haunt me.


I worked out Tuesday for the first time since last Thursday but it felt good. Squatted 270 3×5 and it didn’t feel very hard. I constantly worry about hitting appropriate squat depth. Normally I call my gym Unisex Curves but in this instance the moniker does not apply because there are actually mirrors everywhere. There is a mirror in front of the squat rack and I use this to check my depth but that doesn’t actually work. Ideally you should be looking at the floor and your eyes and body will use the point on the floor to determine how low you have gone. Mirrors distort this. People tell me I’m going low enough but are these the same people that don’t know how low you should actually go?

Overhead pressed 150 3×3. Did hang cleans 3×3 at 135. I’m sure if anyone was watching they would have been laughing in their head. Romanian Dead Lifts 155 3×5. Pullups with 30lb dumb bell 2×5.

Its time to set a few new workout goals and its the final push toward achieving a few. I have had a goal to squat 1.5x body weight for a while. I think I am about 195lbs so we need to hit 290. Considering I did 15 reps at 270 without a belt then I think we are close.

I hit a PR last week in bench doing 200lbs 3×3. New goal is 225lbs x1. I’ll conservatively set that goal for… ummm… May? By beach season sounds good. 225lbs is significant because it is 2 plates on each side and it is the weight that football players are tested at during the NFL combine (record is 49 reps). If I can do one wobbly rep then I would tie “The all-time low was set nine years ago by cornerback Fred Smoot, who wobbled his elbows to a single rep.”