“No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure.” says Ernest Hemingway in the Oscar nominated Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.

While I would not describe this blog as affirming courage and grace under pressure, I am trying to take to heart the idea of writing honestly. Without brutal honesty these posts would not be very compelling. I try to maintain a level of self-awareness and will not shy away from making jokes at my own expense but the idea of staying true, open, and accessible leaves me exposed and vulnerable.

This is a long way of saying that I need to stay vigilant in keeping everything sincere, albeit humorous, so that I will not feel embarrassed sharing my thoughts. Stop me if none of this is interesting anymore. Wait. Don’t do that.

/can already see the tweets coming in telling me to stop.

Today was a productive day for me and was not half-bad ASIDE FROM WAKING UP AT 5:55 TO DRIVE THE SWEETEST GIRL I HAVE EVER MET TO THE AIRPORT TO CATCH A FLIGHT BACK TO BRAZIL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Y’know, other than that.

The rest of the day made me feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless. I teleworked- and accomplished more work tasks than normal, surfed the internet less, half-heartedly watched several movies as well as TNT’s finest: Las Vegas. Also managed to do all of my laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, mobility work (new years resolution HOLLA), and studied Portuguese vocabulary.

While it would be nice to rest on my laurels after an errand filled day, I would rather take my time to re-commit to the goals I have set for myself. And since Valentine’s day is coming up I would be wise to steer clear of dead-end relationships and resume my annual tradition of doing a solo-op movie theater viewing of a kids movie (tradition began in 2009 with Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief so good… yet so sad). Journey to Mysterious Island with The Rock should do the trick.

For a while there I had found a groove writing here and basically comparing any life events to relevant romantic comedies… but that would just depress me today.

Jessie says

Whats the deal with you and girls from foreign countries?

I’m not real sure. I think its easier for me to fall for girls that I know will soon be 10 hour flights away. But in this case it didn’t really feel like that. I think if I met an American that was sincere, sweet, pretty, and not have a trace of snark, cynicism, or sarcastic qualities then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. So… I suppose I’m on the look out for that?

Workout Section

I have been eating a lot more calories and protein lately and I did a little mobility work today and it seemed to have paid off. Squatted 280 3×5 on only 2 days rest. This is also a belt-less PR and my form felt better than last workout. VERY encouraging.

Benched 195 3×3 and did assisted reps. Feel a little bit weaker here. I think eating more will help though. Rowed 180 x5, 175x 2×5 and then backed down to 135 x8. Pushups and Pullups.

It seems like every trainer in the gym was doing some group body building isolation exercises today. While I don’t do this kind of work usually it was a very enthusiastic gym which definitely breaks up the mundane and boring nature of some weight room trips. Also I actually listened when someone told me their name today. SOCIAL IMPROVEMENT!