An example of the advice I received this weekend was “you should meet someone that lives closer to you”. That seems too… sensible. In my defense I think I have been trying to meet someone that lives close to me for my entire life but you’re right- JUST NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH.

A part of me wishes the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind treatment was available, affordable, and safe. The other part wants to cling to all happy memories in spite of my current state of mind. I should have left Eden to go next door to The Bottomline and I wouldn’t be upset right now. But then I wouldn’t know how happy I could be.

Last Saturday a group of friends came back to the apartment with my roommates and I. After hearing that I owned the movie French Kiss, one of the girls demanded I put it on. Naturally, I obliged. Shortly into watching it (and after rehashing plot points several times to drunk people… what do you not understand about a thief smuggling a grape vine into France falls in love with an ex-american soon to be Canadian chasing down her fiance???) I realized that I can’t watch this movie. Damn it.

I’m just going to move on to the meathead portion of this post.

The only positive development this past week was that I met my goal of going to the weightroom three times this week. Each time I maintained the linear progression in my squats programming by increasing the weight 5 lbs each workout. Hit 3×5 at 275 Monday, 280 Wednesday, and 285 Saturday.

When I read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book The Education of a Bodybuilder, he frenquently explained that while he was training to become Mr Universe or Mr Olympia that he would not let himself be in a serious relationship with women. He understood that they would distract him from his goals. He still socialized with women, and probably a lot more… but he never made himself available. I think he understood that the second he let someone into his life then his perspective would change and some of his more personal goals would not seem so important. This will be my temporary inspiration due to events outside of my control.

Saturday I pressed 150 x2 with strict form and then failed the third attempt and switched to sort of a push press to get the bar moving. I will drop this to 145 next time and try to perform it strictly. I deadlifted with a double overhand hook grip up to 315 x3. Then did a reverse grip 355 x3 and then 375 x1 with a break and then x1. Finished the workout doing back extensions with a 50 lb kettlebell 3×5 and 3 sets of 10 body weight dips.

Goal for the week: get my sense of humor back. Going to start by going through every dumb image on