This is a short post written from my phone. It’s basically my apology for being so melodramatic on my twitter account. I went over my MRI with my doctor and he told me I should be able to golf in a brace in 2-3 weeks and resume other sports in a brace in 4-6 weeks. So its good news really.

Absolutely nothing like poor Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues.

Now for a bitching rant. Hey Washington DC assholes! The handicap elevator is reserved for handicapped people. Hey Washington DC assholes! The handicap seats on metro are reserved for handicapped people. Hey assholes! If my leg is in a full immobilizing brace then that means I can’t bend my knee, please don’t deliberately kick me! Walk around. And fat assholes, make a goddamn adjustment to your walking trajectory so that you do not collide with my goddamn leg while I am standing still!

Commuters in this town move quickly and have very little patience with tourists standing on the left side of the escalator. I get that. But don’t fucking run into someone because you are too impatient to br courteous to others.

Unless you are hot. 🙂