It brings me some sadness to inform the small group of loyal readers that I will be suspending this blog indefinitely. When I started this I did not know how it would develop and I stumbled along the way. Eventually it became an outlet for me to document my progress toward reaching goals, choosing new goals, telling stories from my life, and seeing how they relate to popular movies.

I tried to entertain in the best way I could by being honest and as much as possible- relatable.

Unfortunately, the greatest happiness I derived from this blog was reporting about my progress toward my goals and currently I am amidst a setback in that regard.

I can still write about other aspects of my life but it feels stale and repetitive.

I have to live this but you don’t need to read it. I can only imagine how boring it seems.

I CAN report that I am no longer talking to the “crazy” girl and am pursuing another girl. But I fear that this will lead to similiar blog prose. So until I can get back on track toward my primary goals this is me signing out.

HOWEVER… I encourage everyone to stay active on Twitter.

Twitter is one big party. Texting may be private but @replies on twitter are for when you’re speaking to someone at a party but don’t mind if others overhear and chime in.

Our lives our getting more complicated and our responsibilities take over a greater percentage of our leisure time. But the great thing about the internet, social networking, and smartphones, is the platform and ease at which to reach out to friends. This is comforting.

I encourage everyone to not shun social networks because they are nostalgic for some time period that they don’t remember. Instead embrace it for the way we can maintain friendships that otherwise would have felt distant and eventually forgotten.

In 1900 if you got married and I moved to Maryland then one of us would get smallpox and that would be the fuckin end of it.

I loved trying to open up, practicing writing, and making jokes. And for the few people that commented- I did appreciate it!  If I relaunch or reactivate I hope to be more focused thenatically while remembering what you all did or did not enjoy about this blog. (More memes).

Still growing older but not up.